Jenna Lane
"Beauty is skin deep, attitude is to the bone".
Jenna Lane
I love my supporters they’re all like an extended family to me <3 make sure you cop that Lane Tee that’s officially on sale now at (all purchase comes with a free autographed 8x12 photo of me) xoxo #jennalane #jennalanegang #bankheadclothing
I don’t bust back, because I shoot first. 💥💥🔫 #mytherapy
Please keep it 100, not 100-1000! But then again not everyone’s good at math! 🙌😂😂
It’s pretty crazy where the road takes you.. 2 years ago my album came out. That’s when i did the remix of “Drank in my cup” by Kirko Bangz a week after it was done in the studio for fun, I met Kirko when I was invited to model. I was hesitant to do this modeling stuff because of my pageantry background but everyone in this industry has done nothing but show me love. I came back to the industry with one request, to promote the rap game. I wanna thank everyone for all the love and support. I wanna thank even the haters that tried to tear me down because you made the process of elimination easier for me. Let me take you to the first photo I ever took in the import scene. Haha peep the gold money sign earrings. Haha #rappersdelight Im gonna always stay true to myself regardless of what anyone says. Love y’all. #changinlanes on em. See y’all at #extremeautofest this Saturday!
This creepy girl keeps #photobombing me 😂 tf! this is a #selfie not an #USie
#Trophies 🏆🏆🏆 

#spocom #spocomanaheim
I don’t affiliate myself with too many people because it’s quality > quantity. I’m an angel but it u lay your hands on my friends or disrespect them, I’ll lay your ass out. Been friends since grade school and we’ve never ever had a falling out. I love ya, Bish. and it’s #mixedbitchclique til infinity. Happy Birthday to my lover. Make sure you guys say Hbd to my love it’s her special day! Cheers babe. @swishasweeeets
Because my birthplace #Germany won. Because Norwegian water means love. And because Vietnamese Soda Chanh is the best and ummm I like coconuts! #classroomswag
Once again thank you #Spocom for having me. I applaud the staff & vendors for putting on an awesome show from start to finish. xoxo #jennalane  (at San Diego C.A. La Jolla.)
No matter what show we’re at, we end up finding each other. This time he spotted me first. Glad you’re feeling better , @ajrafael . His singing and my bars tho! Makes for good music! Stay tuned! <3 #spocom