Jenna Lane
"Beauty is skin deep, attitude is to the bone".
Jenna Lane
This Saturday I’ll be at the main model long for Hot Import Nights in LA! Make sure you RSVP on (link is also on my bio) this event is FREE if you RSVP! 

I’ll be in attendance along with several model friends. I’ll be selling my shirts for $35, and bringing along my prints! I’ll see you all there! xoxo
Top of the morning everyone! 
From @kaylafbaybeeh and myself
attention photographers residing around sd, la, oc area. 💋
There’s a #meme of @kaylafbaybeeh out there! 😝 haha
I’m not perfect, I make mistakes and try to learn from them. I’m not in perfect shape but I’m happy and content with myself. Happiness comes from within <3 xoxo
Kayla’s passport mugshot lol. We international.. Lol